Super backlight intelligent camera
Super backlight intelligent camera
Super backlight intelligent camera
Product advantages
Low false recognition rate
International top algorithm, dynamic intelligent face exposure technology, and dynamic comparison of intelligent multidimensional face database can accurately identify students across age groups based on their growth. Under the premise that the quality of the base database can be guaranteed, error free recognition can be achieved
Quick identification
Face recognition accuracy ≥ 99.9%, recognition speed < 0.2S, support mask, binocular live detection, effectively prevent photos, videos, models and other attacks
Super large bottom silo
It supports 50,000 face base databases for face recognition, 100,000 face recognition records, batch distribution of images and eigenvalues, and breakpoint resume
Intelligent voice
It can support TTS intelligent voice conversion, and can also broadcast voice according to face verification results and mask wearing detection
Monitoring function
It has all the functions of the camera, including real-time monitoring, connection video recording, face capture, etc. It also supports the protocols of the Ministry of Public Security such as GA/T 1400, GB28181, and also supports http, mqtt, and other network protocols
Advertising function
The advertising function supports the distribution and rolling play of advertising images and videos, which can be used seamlessly with face recognition
Product List
Keep improving and be an AI product that users can use with confidence!